How to deal with artists block ? How I overcome Art block ?

How to deal with artists block ? How I overcome Art block ?

Artists block, or art block, is a state that affects professionals who require mental focus, specifically content creators - designers, developers, photographers, and content writers, it's that feeling of emptiness or lack of focus and productivity, or the inability to reach the idea that drives you to complete a task. Sometimes it's temporary, and sometimes it lasts longer. Since your financial income and your entire life depend on your profession and creativity, overcoming it becomes essential for you.

I divide it into three types of art block based on their duration, and I handle each one differently. You might have your own way to deal with it, but as someone who has experienced it almost continuously, I have developed a specific approach each time I encounter one of these situations:

Short-term artists block

This is a temporary state, associated with a specific project, idea, or task, for a defined period of time. For instance, if we were talking about a logo design, it might be about finding an idea for the project or the starting point. This state is the most common and, in my opinion, it's not frightening at all; on the contrary, it can be a motivator to come up with something exceptionally creative. Here are some quick tips on dealing with The short-term artist block :

  • First of all, remember that you are not a robot, so it's natural not to come up with an idea immediately when you need it.
  • Also, remember that it's a temporary state and not permanent; the world won't end because of it.
  • When you experience it, stop what you're doing; there's no need to exhaust yourself because most likely you won't overcome it by continuing what you're doing at the moment, so take a pause.
  • Your pause will be temporary, and the duration varies depending on how fast you need to deliver your project, If you have a good amount of time, take some time off, spend time with your family, or go out with friends.
  • If you are running short on time, such as having a deadline tomorrow, make it a quick pause; prepare a special cup of coffee or tea, or watch a short film.
  • Always prioritize getting enough sleep, as it's often one of the main causes of artist's block, and the idea is not to sleep per se; it's about putting your brain in an off state.
  • When you get back to work, most of the time, the problem lies in your way of thinking and the loop you've got yourself into. Get out of that loop or try to start working on new ideas from scratch if you can.
  • Try changing your work environment, such as working in a café, and try utilizing alternative tools, like pen and paper instead of relying solely on your computer.
  • Remember to deal with this state calmly and without tension, And don't pressure yourself to overcome it immediately; instead, view it as a mandatory break from your current work and an opportunity to return refreshed and with renewed creativity.


Long-term artists block

Sometimes, the art block isn't about finding an idea for what you're working on; rather, it can originate from a general lack of motivation or persistent boredom with your work. This type of artists block can last for days, weeks, or even longer. Since the focus is on the work itself rather than finding a solution for your art block state, they tend to persist each time you attempt to return to your normal life and work routine. Here are some tips for dealing with this type of artists block:

  • try to figure out what's really causing the problem. Is it something personal or work-related that's on your mind, or maybe some boring paperwork holding you back? try to solve the problem if possible, or if not, try to find a way around it.
  • understand your feelings and concentrate on yourself rather than dwelling on the problem or worrying about it.
  • Get out of the output mode, or the mode of production and continuous work, and switch to the input mode. Try to recharge your energy and ideas and look for inspiration wherever you find it.
  • Try to lighten the load of responsibilities on your shoulders as much as possible.
  • Focus on yourself and not on others, or what they expect from you. By nature, we are interested in what others think of us - "creative, productive, exceptional, etc." - which constrains you with a high ceiling of expectations. Try to get rid of this image and focus on the reality of what you're doing.
  • Keep refining your skills. While maintaining consistent work and handling projects may seem straightforward, advancing in your field requires ongoing personal development. You won't achieve it without further training and practicing on your profession as you did when you were a beginner and enthusiast.

  • Revive your hobby or find a new one; hobbies are a great place to distract your mind and relieve stress, a hobby will effectively help you get out of an art block.

Permanent artists block

From my experience, this state is the most challenging. Personally, I've gone through it multiple times in my life, especially during significant changes. Recently, I experienced it extensively during the founding period of Torium, and during my work there. However, to stay on topic and avoid prolonging, don't consider what I am about to say an exaggeration but : if you can't handle this state of block and pull yourself out of it, you might end your professional life unknowingly. Often, in order to overcome this major art block it requires a significant change, either in your personal or professional life. Here are my quick tips for overcoming a permanent art block :

  • As with the previous state, and indeed with anything in life, identifying the reason is the first step. In this case, identifying the reason is pretty hard, as you may not know what is it, and even if you do sometimes admitting it isn't easy, and changing it isn't easy either, so keep trying until you're sure about the cause of your artists block.
  • A long-lasting art block doesn't mean you're bad or have lost your skills. It means something you're doing or going through isn't right and needs fixing.
  • Admit that there's something that needs to change, whatever it may be, and don't deal with it by ignoring it or simplifying it.
  • If there's an initial or intermediate solution you can try, do it. If you feel it's ineffective, go for the radical solution. A radical solution means a big change and that is hard because it will take you out of the comfort zone, which feels dangerous because you may spend a long time preparing yourself to get in it, and once you enter your comfort zone, it means you've reached a stage of comfort and stability, which makes it very difficult to get out of it again. So, thousands of questions and ideas will run through your mind as soon as you think about leaving it.
  • Remember to give yourself credit for what you have reached and achieved with your determination, ambition, hard work and god's blessing not for any other reason. Therefore, returning to your comfort zone again is not impossible.
  • Don't forget your Identity, your goals, and who you are. Sometimes, the hustle of work makes you forget why you do what you do. Take a pause and remind yourself of these aspects; it's crucial, especially when facing such a big art block.
  • Be brave and start over from scratch. New beginnings are amazing and very inspiring, even though they might get tough at times. But starting today is always better than tomorrow
  • Not necessarily does this state signify a major change; sometimes, it's temporary and not as big as you might think... It could be based solely on your emotions, so keep that in mind as you go through it


Ultimately, the artists block that you are experiencing may be greatly positive, pushing you to approach your work differently, resulting in new, improved, and more professional outcomes. Even in "long-term and permanent art blocks," recognizing and addressing something is wrong is a blessing and an advantage like no other. So, bear this in mind as you navigate through any of these art block situations.

Finally, as mentioned above, these points may not be the solution or the exact way to get rid of your artists block, but from my personal experience with the three situations, these points can greatly help you overcome what you're going through. And always trust in God, for everything you go through is for your best.


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