What is a wireframe ? How to build a wireframe fast ?

What is a wireframe ? How to build a wireframe fast ?

Wireframing is an essential part of a UI design strategy serves as a blueprint for your design, you could design a UI for mobile or website without a wireframe for sure, but having a wireframe designed before works like a planning tool helps you track your workflow and helps you understand the user interfaces better.


What is a wireframe ?

Wireframe is a basic and very simple design that allows you to design upon it and work more easily and faster.

A wireframe is basically a UX design where you start imaging your app or website and how it will be used, a well made wireframe creates a better workflow and puts you and your team ( if you are working with others on your project ) on the same page !

How to build a wireframe ?

To build a wireframe you should always start with a clean mind so you can think clearly about your design.

  • Do your research and start imagining your design : think about the first interface the way it will navigate to the second one how the layout should be the buttons and other essential elements.
  • Always think about your wireframe as a sketch-like not a final product so make it simple, drafty and don't go into details.
  • Choose how to create your wireframe you can obviously use a piece of paper or just go ahead and start creating a wireframe in Figma, Adobe illustrator, sketch or whatever you prefer working on, or you can use your iPad ( we have created a tool that will help you wireframe on the go using only your iPad )


Why should I waste time on wireframing?

Creating a wireframe from scratch can be time consuming at first but it will save you time later, investing time to build a wireframe is completely worth it and you will acknowledge that after completing a project with the use of a wireframe !

You can save time and build a wireframe faster by using pre-designed wireframes that are easy to edit and manipulate, you can try our Merge wireframe kit  which has 185 wireframing elements and components,Compatible with Sketch, Figma, XD, and Illustrator plus you will get our BeBold essential icons pack along with it.

Or you can make a wireframe on the go using your iPad and the procreate app with our Wireframe kit for procreate.


What is The wireframe kit for procreate ?

Wireframe kit for procreate is a powerful tool that will help you create a wireframe on your iPad using brushes and stamps that act as components of your wireframe. You can take a closer look on how this works from this: Quick look video


Everyone has their own way to be creative, and what works for someone might not necessarily work for you. Therefore, experimenting with different approaches will help you identify what works best for you. Whether it's a simple low-fidelity wireframe in a notebook or on an iPad, or a more detailed one using other apps, we strongly advise anyone to try implementing wireframing in their workflow.

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