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Gradiea Kit - Web3 Gradient Backgrounds

Gradiea Kit - Web3 Gradient Backgrounds

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Gradiea is a high-quality pack of 45 gradients components, each one has 5 different texture styles, it's created in such a way so that all the gradients are fully customizable & easy to use.

These creative multipurpose gradients are perfect for web3 website design style, NFTs backgrounds, headers, sliders, Instagram posts, or stories.


  • 45 different gradients components.
  • Sorted into 5 color styles (Hue, Blue, Red, Green, and Dark)
  • 5 Different Texture Styles (Smooth, Grain White, Grain Dark, Fluid and Pale)
  • 14 Pre-Built Examples
  • Fully Editable in Figma, Sketch, Photoshop
  • High-Quality JPG format “5000 X 3500 px” included

What's included :

  • Figma File (GradieaKit.fig)
  • Sketch File (GradieaKit.sketch)
  • Jpg files (225 jpg file “5000x3500px”)
  • Psd Files (Gradients.psd, Examples.psd, Gradients-Palettes.psd)
  • Help.pdf

- Now Available in Sketch & Photoshop.
- Fix .jpg files.

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